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The epithelial calcium channel family:

from identification towards pathophysiology

In mammals, the extracellular Ca2+ concentration is maintained within a narrow range despite large variations in daily dietary input and body demand. The kidney and small intestine constitute the influx pathways into the extracellular Ca2+ pool and play, therefore, a primary role in Ca2+ homeostasis. The kidney determines the final excretion of Ca2+ into the urine and is a prime target for regulating the Ca2+ concentration in the extracellular compartment. Although Ca2+ transport in kidney occurs throughout the whole length of the renal tubule, the fine regulation of Ca2+ excretion takes place primarily in the distal part of the nephron. Ca2+ reabsorption in these segments is generally envisaged as a three step process consisting of passive entry of Ca2+ across the apical membrane, cytosolic diffusion of Ca2+ bound to calbindin-D28K and active extrusion of Ca2+ across the opposite basolateral membrane.

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