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August 20, 2019, Peripal AG, Zürich, Switzerland


Swiss Medtech Start-up Peripal AG receives reimbursement for its PeriSafe® System from three Swiss Health Insurance Companies

The Swiss Health Insurance Companies Helsana, Sanitas, and KPT (HSK Purchasing Cooperative) cover about one quarter of the entire Swiss population. Home care is paramount to managing costs and productivity in future healthcare markets. HSK is actively searching for innovative approaches to avoid unnecessary hospital stays, in the interest of the patient and the premium payers.

With the support of the PeriSafe® patient aid, more dialysis patients can receive their dialysis therapy in a home setting as opposed to the hospital, which is expected to reduce healthcare cost, improve safety and quality of life.

The reimbursement status is set for three years with the objective to bring more dialysis patients home as well as measuring the safety and quality of life for those patients.

“It is of such great importance that healthcare systems support new and innovative approaches to existing markets”, says Dr. Sandra Neumann, CEO. “As a young company, we are very proud of having achieved this important milestone and we are very happy to have gained the endorsement of three important Swiss Health Insurance Companies.”

Dialysis is a consequence of chronic kidney failure and it increases at a rate of 2-4% every year, driven by age, diabetes, and hypertension. Dialysis patients can dialyze either at home or in the hospital. The PeriSafe® System addresses a key step in home dialysis: the manual connection of dialysis tubings to patients’ catheters. This handling by patients or relatives requires dexterity and carries the risk of infection, thereby posing a critical hurdle to home dialysis. Each day, more than 1 million such connections are performed worldwide.

As of August 2019, the PeriSafe® System will be reimbursed for all eligible patients insured with Helsana, Sanitas, and KPT.

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About Peripal AG

Peripal AG is an ETH start-up developing and commercializing medical devices to facilitate home treatments.

The privately held company is based in Zurich and it is the legal manufacturer of the PeriSafe® system, a patient aid for home peritoneal dialysis. With the PeriSafe® System, more patients qualify for the home therapy. The product drives the company’s vision to allow more patients to be treated at home, so they can have a better quality of life and help reducing healthcare costs.

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