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The Cooper University Hospital Medical/Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Camden, New Jersey, USA

The Cooper University Hospital Medical/Surgical ICU occupies 25,000 square feet and an entire floor of the recently opened (March 2009) new hospital building. Thirty patient rooms are housed along  two 179 feet long hallways and all rooms face the outside of the building. 

Each room is 300+ square feet. One room is 320 sq ft and has a ceiling mounted hoist for the morbidly obese patient. Five rooms are capable of negative pressure isolation, and four rooms have chambered isolation alcoves.

Another enlarged room is outfitted for bedside exploratory laporatomy in patients too unstable go to the operating room. It features special operating room caliber overhead lighting. A desk with computer sits outside two adjacent rooms allowing visual access to both rooms from either one or two seats. The patient is aligned to appreciate the outside view. The relationship between the bed and a combination power and medical gas column, which sits 18 inches from the wall, provides 360° access to the head of the bed for airway emergencies. Within the room is a wireless computer on wheels for nursing use with full access to the patient’s electronic medical record as well as hospital and worldwide internet. The nurses are freed from stocking both medica­tions and supplies as this is handled daily by pharmacy personnel and ICU technicians. The ICU features abundant in-room family space in line with the unit’s patient/family focus.

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